This handguard is very comfortable in the hand while still leaving plenty of attachment options for any accessories the shooter might want to employ. At the time, both AR-10 and SR-25 magazines were scarce and expensive, so Rock River designed its own AR-10-style rifle around a more abundant and affordable magazine. Well it's me and I cheaped out on a scope and have a $200 Nikon on an expensive gun. InterLock; 5-shot string #2. It weighs 10.2 pounds empty and is 43.5 inches long. SAAMI Accepts 30 Super Carry As New Standardized Cartridge, SHOT 2022: Federal Premium Announces 30 Super Carry Cartridge, Remington Introduces New Model 597 Rifles. The safety lever also sported a rounded knurled knob for easy activation. Several have stepped up to the .350 Legend plate, and one of the most recent is Rock River Arms. Several high-quality triggers exist today that will hold up under the harshest conditions yet allow for more accuracy and faster follow-up shots. It retains the original direct-gas-operating system, as well as the multi-lug rotating bolt and cylindrical bolt carrier of the original design, but the guns internal and external contours and dimensions have been extensively modified to accept FN-FAL-pattern magazines. Keep in mind that, although I dont shoot a lot of long guns, Im a professional firearms photographer and I recognize quality and attention to detail when I see it. Save my name and email to use for future comments. While they may be on the higher end price-wise, many feel that they are worth the investment. As configured, our testers said the FAR15 was a first-class performer that richly deserved the A grade we gave it. The LAR-15 NM features a stainless heavy match barrel with a 1:8 twist. I picked the SIG Optics Tango6 5-30X56mm riflescope with an illuminated MRAD/MOA reticle, and I mounted it on a SIG base and rings. LaRue has a huge following in the sniper community, and our experience reinforced why this is the case. They also like the companys commitment to customer service. Facing off in a handgun challenge featuring the smallest professional-grade enclosed red dot sight on the market, Eric and Tom put the Acro P-2 to the distance test by doing a walk-back challenge. Copyright 2023 National Rifle Association, Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinics, Volunteer At The Great American Outdoor Show, Marion P. Hammer Women Of Distinction Award, Women's Wildlife Management / Conservation Scholarship, National Youth Shooting Sports Cooperative Program, New for 2020: Rock River Arms BT-9 4.5" Pistol, New for 2020: Rock River Arms LAR-15M 350 Legend, NRA Gun of the Week: Rock River Arms BT9 R9 Competition, NRA Gun Of The Week: Rock River Arms Assurance-C, Product Preview: Rock River Arms M1911 Mainspring Housings, 7 Simple Follow-Through Tips to Improve Your Accuracy (Right Now!) Re: Reasonable Accuracy from LAR-15 Predator Pursuit, Re: Reasonable Accuracy from LAR-15 Predator Pursu, Would love to see paper from a RRPP shooting .5 groups at 400yds. . We began wondering if we would like the breakdown case nearly as much after our assembling difficulties. This means that they will fit with most other AR-15 parts on the market. After installing and zeroing a TRUGLO Omnia 8a suitable optic for this firearm platformI set up for ballistic and group size evaluation. | NRA Family, New For 2023: Rock River Arms Ascendant Series AR-15s | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Del-Ton, Inc.: All About The AR-15 | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Windham Weaponry: Makers Of ARs & More | An Official Journal Of The NRA, New For 2023: Harrington & Richardson Retro AR-15s, The Model Of 1903 Springfield: A Collector's Perspective, The Keefe Report: True Velocity's Leap | An Official Journal Of The NRA, The Keefe Report: On The Range With An American Hero | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Trust But Verify: Function-Checking Your Guns | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Remington Returns: The Revival Of An Ammunition Giant | An Official Journal Of The NRA, WATCH: 2022 National Sporting Clays Championship | An NRA Shooting Sports Journal, WATCH: Colt Python Revolver History | An NRA Shooting Sports Journal, I Have This Old Gun: Maynard Carbine | An Official Journal Of The NRA, I Have This Old Gun: Winchester Model 12 Riot Gun | An Official Journal Of The NRA, I Have This Old Gun: Remington Model 51 | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Armed Citizen protected by Smith & Wesson, The Armed Citizen March 3, 2023 | An Official Journal Of The NRA, NRA Women | The Armed Citizen March 3, 2023, BEAR Arms: Making The Switch From Gun Owner to Armed Citizen | An Official Journal Of The NRA, NRA Women | The Armed Citizen February 17, 2023, X-Vision Optics Launches Thermal Impact Scope | An Official Journal Of The NRA, NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum | Veronica Kosich Receives NRA-Sponsored Diana Award at SCI Convention, Henry Supports Fallen Firefighters Foundation | An Official Journal Of The NRA, NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum | Freedom Hunters: Giving Back to Americas Veterans through Hunting and the Great Outdoors, Hardware: SIG Sauer P320-XTEN | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Rifleman Review: Smith & Wesson M&P12 | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Review: Ruger 10/22 Compact | An NRA Shooting Sports Journal, Rifleman Review: Taurus G3X | An Official Journal Of The NRA, Video Review: Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 4.5 OSP in 10mm Auto | NRA Family, Springfield Armory XD-M Elite 4.5 OSP In 10 mm Auto, Video Review: KelTec P15 Semi-Auto Pistol | NRA Family, Video Review: Savage Stance Pistol | NRA Family, Preview: Leupold 2-10X 30 mm Mark 5HD Riflescope | An Official Journal Of The NRA, NRA Women | New for 2022: 20-Gauge Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus, Preview: Springfield Armory 1911 DS Double-Stack 9 mm Pistol Lineup | An NRA Shooting Sports Journal, Find More Great NRA Publications Perfect For Every Interest, Discover Everything That The NRA Has To Offer. Last edited: Dec 29, 2021. The Nylon 66, a relatively inexpensive rimfire with faux woodgrain, was the first successful synthetic-stock firearm. The combination of barrel weight, the proprietary process used to manufacture the barrel and the mid-length gas system makes for one of the lightest recoiling and most accurate AR-pattern rifles Ive tested. Rock River Arms ATH V2Type: Gas operated, direct impingement, semiautomaticCartridge: .223 WyldeCapacity: 20 or 30 rds.Barrel: 18 in., 1:8-in. Sadly, Nguyen was killed in action in Iraq later that year, so the rifle is particularly special to me and will always remain in my possession. To start, the Stag sported an ambi-safety, and produced the same complaints from righties that it interfered with their grip. I already knew that I didnt want to shoot bulls-eyes at 25 yards with a 100-yard zero in mind, so I made some minor adjustments and ran the target to the 100-yard mark. Rock River Arms guarantees one-m.o.a. Its like tapping the barrel with a hammer between shots, but the folks at Rock River obviously found a consistent way to avoid this from happening in the V2 during its assembly process. The company made its humble start in 1963in Gussago, Italywhen Giuseppe Pietta made a commitment to produce guns as authentic and true-to-original as possible. (Photo by Mark Fingar) December 07, 2021 By Craig . If you a, Those who need an easily managed carry pistol without sacrificing ergonomics and performan, With the new Veracity PH, guessing holdover, doing math, or running DOPE cards are no more, Burris Optics caters to Precision Rifle competitors with a made-in-the-USA riflescope buil, Youve invested a lot in your guns, now invest in making yourself a better shooter by Brad, TESTED: Rock River Arms LAR-15M .350 Legend, Straight-wall rifle cartridges are getting big play in hunting circles this year, and Rock River Arms has delivered an AR-platform chambered for this exciting new round, Premier Body Armor Releases Full Line of Vertx-Compatible Armor, Smith & Wesson Releases New 9mm Pistol Carbine: Introducing the M&P FPC, AR-platform rifles chambered in .350 Legend, Hornady American Whitetail, 170-gr. It felt comfortable to the shooters, settled in nicely for repeat shots, and turned in a second best 0.940-inch overall average group. The gun shot 1 inch overall, but without the inconsistent Remington ammo (1.52 in. Not only did I get to learn even more about the platform, I got to shoot his Rock River Arms LAR-15 as part of the test sequence. Well, not any more of an idiot than I usually feel like, I suppose I should say. If a bullet enters the rifling crooked, accuracy will always suffer. The monolithic receivers and . This is not John Waynes revolver it is a modern work of art! Even though Ive worked with lots of two-stage triggers in the past, this one was about the best Ive had the pleasure of shooting. It was a fixed power, so we didnt have to worry with testers fiddling with the magnification, and inadvertently affecting accuracy scores. The two lefties in the test felt they might have improved their performance, but for the handle that felt it was installed backwards, or as another tester described it like trying to hold a prickly pear. Southpaws should order any handle but this one if they decide on the FAR15. That changed several years ago when Michigan decided to allow the use of straight-wall cartridges in .35 caliber or larger with case lengths ranging from 1.16- (minimum) to 1.80-inch (maximum). The increased profile of the unit makes it easy to locate, engage and manipulate with the left hands index finger when firing off the left shoulder. Gun Digest Editor, Luke Hartle, had a brand new gun he wanted reviewed, and he wanted it reviewed from the perspective of a fairly novice precision rifle shooter looking to get into the game. Once we began firing, we took the time to swab each barrel after each ammo change to ensure carbon build-up did not influence the guns accuracy with the new ammo. This gives the hammer considerable inertia. This allowed us to position the scope well above the charging handle, yet remove the scope for transport, and re-attach it via two quick-throw levers. Smith & Wesson Model 586: Reviewing A .357 Revolver With Class. In fact, they even have a testimonial from an FBI agent on their website. Couple groups with pulled and called fliers that were under an inch. The case length hits the 1.71-inch mark with an overall cartridge length of 2.26 inches. Rock Rivers winter triggerguard solves this problem. His shooting and hunting passions cover everything from traditional archery and big-game bowhunting to the latest in handguns, rifles, and reloading. It made all the difference in my performance. We will also compare them to other top manufacturers to help you make an informed decision. You are using an out of date browser. I decided I wanted calm and shade: Spring in Arizona is often unpredictable and weather varies from wet and soggy 60s to hot and steamy upper 90s. In comparison, the standard AR trigger has most of its mass as far away as possible from the pin about which it rotates. Stay in the know. At each temperature step, Rock River will let the barrels soak at that temp for a specific period of time. This was a gun that transformed itself on the bench. The rifle follows the AR-pattern designed by Eugene Stoner and Jim Sullivan very closely. Gun shoots better than I do because for 5 I just to an inch and know it is me. My best group this go-around was 1.443 inches. The crosshairs bounce all over the place. The Rock River Arms BT-3 is a .308 modern sporting rifle, featuring Rock River Arms billet upper and lower receivers, fluted 20-inch cryogenically treated stainless-steel barrel, Rock River Arms .308 A2 flash hider, Magpul PRS stock, Hogue rubber over-molded grip, new lightweight M-LOK compatible 17-inch aluminum floated handguard with MS1913 top rail and a Rock River Arms 2-stage trigger. The muzzle is threaded 1/2-28 and comes with an A2 flash-hider installed. I like the RRA star safety selector, which rolls nicely under your thumb (for right-hand shooters). In addition, Rock River Arms uses only the highest quality components in their rifles, which results in a firearm that is accurate and reliable. All Rights Reserved. Rock River Arms is considered to be one of the most reliable AR-15 manufacturers because of the materials they use and the quality of their products. We spent the better part of two days recording data in what Bass Pro employees affectionately call the Dungeon. Our time there also allowed us to schedule testers to come in and fire away, including a young lady who broke away from her teachers job to school us, by posting the second best group of 0.49 inch in our tests. An important accuracy check you can run on any AR without even firing the rifle is to separate the receivers and remove the charging handle and bolt. Here are the features to watch out for. The Rock River Arms X-Series LAR-6.8 AR-15 is specifically designed for this bigger brother to the 5.56 NATO. Available for both RF and RM licensing. Even with only 16 inches of launch, the .223's velocity averages 2900-3000 fps. The guns manufactured for these uses also have this same variety in their construction. As a rifle-shooting newbie of sorts, I wanted a scope that would mitigate my lack of rifle shooting experience. Performance of Rock Rivers new ATH V2 was exceptional. All that was left was to hit the range. How does a company that makes AR-15 platforms stand out in a market thats flooded with product? Dependable. After our article on "Compact AR Carbines" (October 2007) and a related article on "AR-15 Adjustable Stocks" (March 2008), some of you warned us that we had . In lieu of the standard charging handle, the side-cocking module replaces the bolt cover and fits into the side of the gun by machining away the brass deflector. The Hornady. K-Mart Classics: Remingtons Nylon Rimfires Engineered To Last. soft point; 5-shot string #1, Federal Non-Typical, 180-gr. The company says on their website that most orders for built guns will take 60 to 90 days. The accuracy increase gained by this hammer profile makes every other hammer shape irrelevant. To some, a varmint hunter is someone who blazes away at prairie dogs and other such small targets from a rest. But the chances are if youre in that group, this will be a refresher. Once they hit 300 below zero, theyll bring the barrels up (also in steps) to 200 degrees above zero. The overmold means minimal hand-slip when wearing gloves, and it makes the A2 grip more comfortable when shooting bare-handed. One of my Ballistics By The Inch buddies is very knowledgeable about ARs. However, on this rare occasion, I had some first hand experience with the question offered. My teammate, SFC Tung Nguyen, was a hardcore competitive shooter and offered to build me exactly what I wanted. Ruger's multi-role small frame autoloading rifle - Sear - combines AR-10 power with AR-15 Portability. These guns can quickly become complex, so I greatly appreciated the furniture being so user-friendly. Billed as the LAR-15M . Select Trigger. Putting a barrel through the cryogenic process at Rock River means the barrel is cooled down in steps until it reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit below zero. This gives the hammer considerable inertia. When asked about maintenance, he responded with, I like to shoot it, but I let the armorer take care of it. Each rifle he was issued was carried for about a year and typically saw 20,000 rounds before replacement with a new one. Head to the range this week with American Rifleman staff as they discuss a trim little repeater from Savage Arms that comes chambered for the .22 WMR cartridge. In addition, Rock River Arms offers a wide variety of customization options, so you can build a rifle that is truly unique. The bare shelves at Bass Pro were a shocking sight, and a testament to how difficult it can be to find ammunition these days. The other guns were so strongly right-handed that having an available left-handed model is a big plus for southpaws, which we too-often forget in our evaluations. Flash forward to today. Loves Federal Premium 69g Match. Chris Johnson, FN Senior Product Manager, walks us through two new FN striker-fired pistols at SHOT Show 2023: the FN 510 Tactical, chambered in 10mm Auto, and the FN 545 Tactical, chambered in .45 ACP. Overall, the reviews are positive. The Rock River Arms RRage Carbine 's straightforward construction and choice of components allows Rock River Arms to achieve a very reasonable MSRP of $759.99, and real-world prices will. Still, the balance of the gun kept it from receiving our highest mark. Are you in the market for a new AR-15? Subscriber Services. We had planned on getting 10X scopes, but SWFA had shipped all they had to the Army for their Designated Marksman Program. Of course, all of this comes at a price but if youre looking for an AR-15 that will serve you well for many years to come, then the Rock River Arms is definitely worth considering. The side-cocking module deserves a little more explanation. Sights: folding front post attached to the gas block, Picatinny rail for attaching opticsTrigger: two-stage; 4-lb., 4-oz. The RRA's have had a very good reputation for high quality products at a good price. Good value. The 1:10-inch twist rate will stabilize both the 168- and 175-grain bullets used in long-range loads. Leupold's new Freedom RDS Black, i.e., "red-dot sight," is shown on Rock River's LAR-15LH pistol. The design was licensed to Bushmaster, and during the course of about three years, the company built and sold several thousand rifles. The two-stage trigger allows for perfect control and a clean break. Unlock the Benefits of Knowing Your Winchester Serial Number, Complete Buyers Guide to the Sig Sauer P228. There is also a fundamental difference in the definition of the varmint hunter. Kenau Simonsdochter Hasselaer became famous for being intensively involved, along with many of Haarlem's women, with fighting the spanish, who laid siege to the city. Overall, Rock River Arms rifles are known for being high quality and reliable. The result is a super-reliable, mid-level AR with clean lines and solid accuracy, to boot. For true fans and students of the gun, we certainly live in a time when many among us may not fully appreciate the incredible diversity of firearms and ammunition at our disposal. Our gun sported an Ergo grip, comfortable but woefully undersized for hoisting the gun around. My best 5-shot group was with the Hornady TAP Precision 155-grain A-Max Law Enforcement Ammunition, measuring .935 inch. Second is the bolt stop lever located between the magazine well and the trigger guard. The gas block has a folding front sight assembly that can be locked down when not in use and three hinged sling loops, one on the bottom and one on each side. We also found the left ejection pattern did not bother righties. After seven months Haarlem did not . Stags first entry into the varminter category sported an extra heavy 24-inch 416SS Shaw barrel that made the gun extremely front heavy, and a rifle you definitely want to shoot off the bench. Accuracy with the rifle was commendable. The rifled features billet aluminum upper and lower receivers. Also, it digested everything we fed with nary a malfunction. They offer a variety of barrel lengths and profiles to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. After mounting the scopes, each gun was given a good general cleaning, carefully lubricated, trigger pull weights checked on a digital gauge, and then it was off to the range. Then again, this is the beauty of the MSR its a completely modular system as long as the foundation is there, and the BT-3 is one heck of a foundation upon which to personalize a precision rifle build. The rifles they were issued were manufactured by Rock River Arms, and were carbine variants in similar spec to the U.S. militarys M4. The rifle weighs in at approximately 12 pounds and is fairly easy to carry but heavy enough to absorb recoil from the .308 Win. Rock River Arms is considered to be high end because of the materials they use and the quality of their products. This website contains many older reviews. This rifle also has an RRA TRO-XL extended free float rail handguard and an accuracy of 3/4 MOA at 100 Yards. Rock River Arms sent me a 6.5 Creedmoor rifle with a tan stock and 24-inch barrel for testing. Minuteman. Eight major concealed carry insurance programs are now available to the millions of Americans who carry concealed. 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