Often anything above 82 is considered white, so while this is on the dark/creamy side, it is definitely an off white color. Check out the Love Remodeled Facebook group ask questions or show off your latest DIY! The only color I would advise staying away from is High Reflective White, because it has so little colorant in it that it has difficulty covering. Greek Villa is a soft, off-white paint color by Sherwin-Williams. The samples come in a pint and cost around $8. With flat finish you will still have some difference but keep clean look. Black presents a pretty contrast. FAQ; . Any recommendation on sheen? If you are doing any accent walls. Finish is very shiny on pure white and more satin on poised taupe. The Martineau family were descendants of Huguenot refugees. Surprisingly your kitchen will still look very light and bright! Snowbounds LRV is 83, so its very similar to Greek Villas LRV. with the ceiling being low, do you think the contrast between alabaster and extra white will accentuate the low ceiling or not so much? Both will reflect a good amount of light into the room. . But if we go with a different, brighter white, will the rooms with the Greek Villa ceiling look horrible? It also looks amazing on your walls, and fireplace brick! Laura C. Please start a separate dilemma. Sherwin Williams Alabaster would be beautiful! Alabaster or Greek Villa would be great. Greek Villa could look yellow-ish, especially in a room with bright, Southern facing light OR a room at night with the overhead lights on. Jun 17, 2015 - walls: sherwin williams crushed ice sw 7647 trim: sherwin williams greek villa sw 7551 fireplace: sherwin williams ellie gray sw 7650 flooring: horizon prospector laminate 8mm, color sutter's mill. Samplize sells 914.75 stick-on paint rectangles in almost every paint color. With your cabinets the other color of is your color of off white or something so I'm thin so I would go with the pure with the pure white cause your window looks pure white and that will tie it into your identify your plugs and switches too, Cabinets are slightly creamy in certain lights. To the person asking about color temp of lighting - WACs new Lotos 3000 kelvin LEDs work wonderfully as an in-between warm and cool. Check out my Amazon Shop, where you can get everything you need to start painting, including Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint color decks! Copyright 2023 What The Fab | WhatTheFab on Trellis Framework by Mediavine, Casaluna Sheets: 6 BEST Bed Sheets for Your Room Makeover, Plastic Sheeting (we found it helpful to put down canvas dropcloths and then cover any furniture we couldnt move with plastic sheeting and tape that down), Poles (get a couple of these so you and your partner can paint ceiling/high spots on the wall at the same time), Buckets (For soaking your painting tools in water after youve finished), Frog tape (For taping off trim, taping canvas cloths to baseboards, etc. Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paint color decks. Board and Batten - Extra White by Sherwin-Williams . It sampled beautifully compared to SW Alabaster and BM White Dove, way less grayed down and more consistent in every room, even north facing. If youre looking for a gorgeous paint color that is light, and airy, Greek Villa should be on your shortlist! Any color, range, temperature, and brightness, you set the color you like best. If you have north-facing, afternoon eastern or morning western light, you may find White Duck leans that bit more into the greige while still holding tight to its cream base. Alabasters LRV is 82 while Greek Villa is 84. Off White Paints. The lighting here uses 4100k temp LED. It has an LRV of 84. If you want Greek Villa to be the brightest and lightest white in the room, you need to make sure that the other white tones in the room. Builder: Willow Homes Simply White Like Pure White, don't let the name fool you. looking to pair Greek Villa with other white paint colors? RGB describes the amount of each color red, green, and blue present in a color. If you want a light and soft paint color that leans cool, Snowbound might be the better bet. Farmhouse Paint Colors Additionally, it is paired with a dark navy called In the Navy. White Trims, Cabinets & Walls Do They Need to MATCH? We just bought a new (to us) craftsman-style house and have just finished repainting all the walls. But Im here to make it easy by introducing you to Sherwin Williams Greek Villa. Even though this color is highly recommended for ceilings and trims, if you are looking for a warm soft trim look, you can also use it on exterior of your home. Coordinating Colors It does not look yellow at all up, just soft white. Have a question or want to show off your project? I'm a little worried about Snowbound as it doesn't seem to play well with other whites. There are 50 whites!?? Matte or eggshell on walls and flat on ceiling. Want to learn more about the FUN side of decorating and paint colours? If you want a light and soft paint color that leans warm, Greek Villa might be a good choice for you. YES, I love when the right whites are used to balance an exposure like this well done! When I think about the top warm white paint colors from Sherwin Williams I always think of Alabaster, Westhighland White, and Greek Villa. Painting it an accent color actually made it blend in more and look intentional, which I wasnt expecting. This means its DEFINITELY worth trying out if your finishes suit a warmer white paint colour. Benjamin Moore's Cloud White is a classic off-white. However, if you want to showcase the walls colors and warmth, I would go with SW Pure White for the trim. Its over here! As with any paint color, Greek Villa needs the right kind of light to support it. Click here for a full color review on Snowbound. They both have yellow undertones, but Alabaster has a bit of gray in it. Harriet's father, Thomas Martineau, was a Norwich manufacturer; Elizabeth Rankin was the maiden name of her mother, who is described as "a true Northumbrian woman." This is basically how glossy or flat your paints finish is. Yikes!! For our textured walls, Sherwin-Williams recommended a 3/8 nap. Greige is a blend of warm and cool - beige and gray, whereas cream is a yellow-based paint colour. Usually, with white cabinets, white trims are used. If youre unsure how much paint youll need, you can always contact your local Sherwin-Williams store and their experts will be able to help you out. While I like WD, I wish it was a bit brighter at times. If you have a dark room, the warmth of Greek Villa (compared to say, Pure White) can help your space look a bit more inviting. So helpful, especially since there are so many paint options and it can be a little overwhelming (like I mentioned, we started with 50 whites!). Greek Villa is soft and airy and easy to decorate with. To answer your question you need a dilemma this is someone else's page that you didn't have permission to ask the question because the person is done with the Dilemma, Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers, Outdoor Lighting & Audio/Visual Specialists. We're trying to decide between Greek Villa and Snowbound for the walls in our whole house (open concept w/2 story spaces, lots of natural light, northern exposure lighting). Tried, true and tested door and trim paint! Greek Villa is a little bit brighter than Alabaster, but not necessarily lighter. White paint colors are a popular choice because they give you a clean, crisp background to pair with any home style or color palette. Photo by E. Lockwood Because Greek Villa is a brighter white, it's pretty darn flexible as to its colour partners. Lets take a quick break to talk about paint samples, Undoubtedly, youll be heading out in the near future to grab paint samples stop right there! SW Greek Villa with new to be installed tile and existing counter. Always sample colors and look at them day or night! Snowbound is another very popular paint color by Sherwin Williams. As a creamy white, Alabaster leans neither blue nor yellow but is a true warm neutral color. I would recommend using the satin sheen for trim. Because Greek Villa is a brighter white, its pretty darn flexible as to its colour partners. Looking for the perfect creamy, bright, off white paint color? But, it has so little color in it that it is very close. Sherwin Williams Greek Villa SW7551 Color Family Greek Villa is a creamy off-white paint color. In this room the walls are Ben Moore Swiss Coffee, a great ivory color that doesn't read yellow, and the trim is Ben Moore White Dove in a semi-gloss finish. Here's my Q. Undertones are simply the colors that can appear in certain lights or when next to other colors. Light, creamy and very dreamy. Greek Villa is a creamy off-white paint color. Sherwin-Williams has so many whites to choose from, youll definitely be able to find the perfect one for you! Get this color in a: Color Sample Paint Sample Interior Paint Exterior Paint Coordinating Colors Illusive Green SW 9164 In the Navy SW 9178 See Greek Villa work in any room Living Room Kitchen Bedroom And I agree, its just that bit brighter and cleaner than White Dove. If possible, try to remove all of your furniture from that space. When we started painting over it with Greek Villa we realized just how yellow the old color was (you can see this pictured below). Thanks for your insight and knowledge, your blogs help me SO much! This bedroom has Alabaster walls and Sherwin Williams Extra White trim. I think its a great interior option. It is so versatile, elegant, and timeless it could be used almost anywhere. Cotton Balls - OC-122. Looks like Sherwin Williams Ramie would work well. If you have a north-facing room, the warmth of Greek Villa can help balance this cool light the same goes for an east-facing room (in the afternoon). Will they compliment the greek villa wall color? and Im so glad he did because they look great. I'm afraid Extra won't match exactly and will look like a match fail but that Pure White will look dingy next to the ice white cabinets plus Pure White runs warmer and the cabinets are cool so that doesn't sound great. You will need to prime your gold walls. Ready to transform your interior? Pure White by Sherwin-Williams is a beautiful, neutral white that is a great choice for anyone who wants white walls, trim and/or ceilings. If you like the idea of a warm white such as Alabaster but want something thats just a bit brighter, go with Greek Villa. Why cant I have white cabinets? Sherwin Williams Pure White has a white base, so it's a true white and adding just a hint of your house color will ensure that the undertones will be the same as the home.
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