Supporting Mark is the camps management team that has a total of more than 200 years of combined camp experience. Optional Jewish worship services are held on Fridays after dinner and before evening activities during free time. The camp sits on a mountain top and occupies over 1200 acres, which includes its own spring-fed lake. The camp is situated on 1200 acres, which is only accessible by a two-mile long dirt road. Our activity program, special events and evening programs are all designed to provide campers with numerous opportunities to experience success. Camp uniforms are expensive and are typically only worn at camp. We are serious about seeking out those kind individuals who will be excellent role models and warm, nurturing staff members. Camp Lohikan is a fun place to work for a summer or two before getting a "real" job. Our key management staff have over 200 years of combined camp experience. Our director, Mark Buynak, has been an ACA Certified Director since 1984. 6:05 - Dinner is served for Inters and Seniors (elective program participants). Professional care givers (division directors) stand ready to jump in and lend a hand when needed. [2] Mike and Arlene Buynak founded Camp Lohikan in 1957. We are so confident in our expertise with first-time campers that we back up our services with a refund policy you wont find anywhere else. Camp Lohikan had its beginning in 1957 when Mike and Arline Buynak purchased a 68-acre campsite in Lake Como, Pennsylvania. Spencer fled the scene, and was caught later that day by New York state police near Hancock, N.Y. On sunny days campers are checked for the application of sunscreen. Program specialists, division directors, and counselors are on hand when these activity choices are made to help and advise the campers. These outgrowth clinics include the Advanced Tennis Clinic, the Equestrian Clinic, the X-Games Skate Clinic, the High-Five Basketball Clinic, the Hip Hop Clinic, Camp-a-Palooza Concert Series, and the Circus Show Clinic. We have a lot of friendly, outgoing staff who are happy to have the opportunity to be a positive influence in your childs development. A caretaker called Honesdale, Pa., police after the group's first intrusion on July 14, according to the affidavit. The half season sessions are complete programs equalized in terms of trips and popular camp events. Recreational play is scheduled as deemed appropriate. In the past we have participated in many inter-camp games and we operated them without tryouts. Campers receive positive recognition for acts of kindness at weekly campfires with the presentation of the Chiefs Award. Laundry service is supplied as part of the camp tuition. Our risk management manuals address the operation of every program and facility where injury is possible. For over 59 years we have provided a safe, nurturing camp environment where children are encouraged to try new things, learn new skills, make friends, and most of all have FUN! The division director is the senior staff member who works most closely with the campers assigned to the division. Returning campers take a lot of pride in their knowledge of Camp Lohikan and cant wait to share Whats going to happen next! with newcomers. EXTREME SPORTS: Honda Quads ATVs (4 wheelers), Mountain Boarding, Skateboarding, In-Line Skating, Mountain Biking, Bungee Trampoline, Paintball, Giant Swing, Dirt Bikes Sunscreen stations are located throughout camp. Cabins are equipped with lights, electrical outlets, windows with screens, doors, a sheltered porch with lights, fire extinguisher, smoke alarm, and a walkway. Camp Lohikan has been owned and directed by the Buynak family for over 65 years. Parents, siblings and family members are all invited to join us for a beautiful day in the country! If you have any questions, please call us at 908-470-9317. Lohikans elective program is computerized which allows for parental controls, attendance supervision, and guaranteed placement in the activities that you and your child choose! A vegetarian entree is offered at every meal as well as an alternate to the main entree. Typically, we have campers from over 25 states and 19 countries. Parents, friends and family members can also email the camper while the camper attends camp. We go to great lengths to make sure that campers are assigned to cabins that will promote the formation of camp friendships and result in a positive camp experience. Campers are required to take a daily shower and brush their teeth twice a day. The only additional mandatory fee at Camp Lohikan is the canteen fee. Certain optional services are available at an extra charge. Camp Lohikan is a fun place to work for a summer or two before getting a "real" job. Enjoy a swim in the lake or pool, go boating, play tennis, shoot hoops, view the arts exhibit at creative arts, check out the circus show or watch an awesome horseshow at the stables. Camp Lohikan operates a structured program. Two to four counselors are assigned to a cabin. Mark is a very hands-on camp director. The menu is "Kosher-style" (no pork or shelled-seafood) and is served buffet style in well-balanced three course meals with plentiful fruits, vegetables, milk and juices. Session changes can be made as long as space is available in your childs age group in the desired session. Thereafter, the entire camp joins in singing our special Lohikan birthday song. The views from the campsite are spectacular and include miles of mountain vistas and natural beauty which set the tone for the perfect summer camp experience. For literature describing the preparations parents should make to ensure that the first-time camp adjustment is a smooth and easy process, contact our winter office at 908-470-9317. Lastly, Lohikans lake is private and surrounded by camp property. Camp managers are co-directors and assistant camp directors, most of whom are year-round employees of the camp. Jet skiing, quad riding, and dirt bike riding are available at the rate of $20 per period. Lake Greeley Camp, a second camp operated by the Buynak Family, specializes in offering a gluten-free menu and can be reached at We want our camps to be safe.". Campers do not need extra spending money unless they desire to purchase an item from the camp store. Can I do the activities I like? This greatly expands the friendships and relationships that develop at camp and ultimately results in more summer camp friends! SUPER JUNIOR campers (entering the 5th grade) can do both. The camp absorbs the loss for the days the camper leaves early and you lose nothing! He takes no days off during the camp season. Super juniors return to their cabins at 9:15pm. If this is your goal this summer, youve found the right camp! We offer more than 65 arts, sports and adventure activities every day. Each activity program is led by a head instructor who is a professional in the field. Program heads are assisted by staff instructors who are primarily college-enrolled individuals or college graduates with college-level training and coaching or teaching experience. These include the camp's linen rental (blankets, sheets, pillow, pillowcase). As a parent, we know that it is important for you to keep up to date with the progress of your child. As he . Every activity period, whether its tennis, horseback riding or mountain boarding, begins with the teaching of a skill and then leads into play. Safety procedures for each activity are carefully reviewed with campers prior to participation and all safety procedures are strictly enforced. Evening activities for juniors typically end at about 9:00pm which is when they return to their cabin. The canteen fee covers the campers daily canteen (snack bar) allowance, a Lohikan T-shirt, camp loyalty rewards program (6 year blanket, 5 year jacket, 4 year backpack, 3 year t-shirt), and a subscription to the camp newsletter. Consequently, we recommend inter-camp game participation to all campers. The camps weekly laundry service is included in the camp tuition. The cake and ice cream are really good!!! Personal skills are verified and instructors are tested to confirm their knowledge of the camps safety guidelines, operating procedures, and their ability to teach children. You can also bring a picnic lunch or join us for our Visiting Day Barbecue Lunch. If the campers homesickness is such that the parent decides to take the child home, we will refund the portion of the tuition allocated to the days the camper leaves camp early! Our Great Camp Guarantee is described in detail and can be viewed byclicking here. Parents control what activities are mandatory and cannot be changed by making the original selection on the campers Activity Selection Form in ink. All senior staff members live on campgrounds and are accommodated in close proximity to the living quarters of our campers - no more than 50 feet away. The junior program is designed to expose younger campers to a wide variety of arts, sports, and adventure activities, provide appropriate skill-level instruction, maintain bunk unity, and provide close supervision. Before contracts are offered a thorough criminal background check is performed every year by a professional agency for every staff member. We never stop renovating and updating our facilities. Turn on desktop notifications for breaking stories about interest? While instruction is the focus of the program, recreational play and having FUN with friends is an important part of every activity period. It's evident in the selection of caring, fun-loving counselors and involved supervisors, the design of our dynamic camp program, the range of activity choices and even the little, but important, things like how we celebrate camper birthdays and tooth fairy visits. Lohikan is a non-sectarian camp. To promote skill development we recognize camper achievement in supportive ways, e.g., award presentations, flagpole announcements, and publication in the camp's daily newspaper. Most clinics can also be joined during the summer at no charge. At dinner, the lights in the dining hall are dimmed and the birthday cake and ice cream are delivered. Cell phones are prohibited in camp. Note: Click on the linked heading text to expand or collapse accordion panels. Lake Como PA 18439. Sportsmanship and the importance of losing with grace and winning with poise are important lessons that can only be learned by participating in a competitive game. In our supportive camp community campers receive . Birthday celebrations at Camp Lohikan are special! "These children were terrorized and in fear for their lives by the actions of this group," Edwards said in the release. While in the process of investigating the incident, counseling the campers involved, and working with our staff to find the right solution, the social media storm took off at a speed far faster than the speed in which camp operates. Camp Lohikan has been owned and operated by the Buynak family since 1957. Its the ideal individualized program and is a huge success with our older campers. We have an exciting program, dedicated staff, and a huge bag of tools to ensure that homesickness will be cured. Any questions, call us. CampMinder, the camp's management program, handles this service and also hosts the camp's summer photo gallery, which featured more than 10,000 photos last summer! I was ten years old. Your application, transportation forms, payment information, camp photos, summer emails, and camp news are all available on this page. In so far as the need to contact home while at camp, campers have access to email on a daily basis, so cell phones have no value in this regard. For 66 years we have provided a safe, nurturing camp environment where children try new things, learn new skills, make friends, and most of all have FUN! CampMinder is your access to all things camp! They have extensive experience working with children and at least 90% return every summer. The campers told police the truck only missed them by about 10 feet. Our Spring Open house is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, April 29th and Sunday, April 30th. It's a terrific location for a summer camp! Amazing things happen when kids are having the time of their lives! Weather, requests to travel with friends, and inter-camp games schedules are just a few reasons to make daily changes. The three adults were arrested Wednesday morning and face felony and misdemeanor charges, including ethnic intimidation, terroristic threats and assault. (5) Campers with the power to specialize in activities or program areas of their choice. Camp Lohikan will teach management, patience and a wealth of knowledge in child development. Every night features a different fun event designed specifically for each camper age group. The view is one of outstanding natural beauty. Books, games and supplies are always fine. Its the ideal location for summer camp! Campers are checked in and out of activity sites by instructors with the use of a computer-generated attendance roster. [1] The summer camp serves boys and girls ages 6-15. Kids learn how to make and keep friends. As a result, our campers stand taller and walk with more confidence after the camp experience. Your application, transportation forms, payment information, camp photos, summer emails, and camp news are all available on this page. "The vicious, cruel and obscene nature of the language hurled at the campers is unspeakable. These special skills clinics include Spy Camp, Survival Camp, Geocaching, the DJ Clinic, the Rock Band Clinic, the Paintball Clinic, and the Horse Care Clinic. Activity instructors use these rosters to take attendance. Its apparent in the welcome signs youll see on the first day and the smiles that greet you as you get off the bus. The morning begins with the raising of the birthday flag and the presentation of our very cool birthday t-shirt. Campers are bunked according to age, grade, and session. In addition to boating activities, campers also swim in the lake because Pennsylvania lakes are typically warm during the summer! During the day INTERMEDIATE and SENIOR campers (sixth graders and older) participate in the camps elective program and travel to activities according to their individualized schedule. In 1983 Mike and Arline retired and their son Mark took over the directorship of Camp Lohikan. Many of our campers come from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Florida and the DC area. Activity attendance is required and is a condition of enrollment. 6:40 - Canteen Snack Bar/Game Room (juniors and inters), 9:30 - Canteen Snack Bar/Game Room (seniors). Though the incidents quickly became the "talk of the camp," he said, most of the camp's 300 children, which age from 6 to 20, did not appear terribly concerned for their safety in the days that followed. Junior cabins are composed of six to ten campers. About Us; Awards; Blog; Research; Guides; Employers. We recommend it! The remaining campers are returning campers, which is a good thing. Use a camp lohikan incident 2018 template to make your document workflow more streamlined. Most of our campers start camp as juniors (6-10 years old). Camp Lohikan is located in the Pocono Mountains of northeast Pennsylvania, just outside the village of Lake Como in Wayne County. Trained and experienced child-care professionals (division directors) supervise the counselors and monitor camper welfare on a daily basis. We employ a diverse group of camp counselors from all over the world. JUNIOR campers (fifth graders and younger) never leave the sight of their cabin counselor(s) day or night. Additional training and coaching are provided to staff members throughout the camping season by program heads and senior staff professionals. Other clinics feature activities and instruction in skills not offered in the camps regular daily activity program. Parents are free to telephone the camp as often as they like. (3) Campers with the choice of more than 65 daily arts, sports and adventure activities. Copyright 2022 Camp Lohikan | Site by Creative DBS Connect With Us Contact Us FAQ SUMMER: 343 WALLERVILLE ROAD, LAKE COMO, PA 18437, TEL: 570-798-2707 WINTER: PO BOX 189, GLADSTONE, NJ 07934, TEL: 908-470-9317 Emergency medical service is located less than 4 miles from the camp and we are within 30 minutes of the Wayne County Hospital, a 24-hour fully-equipped hospital where a wide variety of specialists are available. 17 Reviews. (570) 798-2707 Website. Yes. The bunk unit is important at Camp Lohikan. 8:35 - Cabin clean-up and daily cabin inspection. Since 1957 Camp Lohikan has been owned and operated by the Buynak Family. Lake and pool swimming, boats, jet skis, bungee, trampolines, tennis, baseball, basketball, circus, drama, arts & crafts, cooking, paint ball, etc. According to the affidavit, New York state police said the truck matched the description provided by Honesdale, Pa., police of the truck involved in the Camp Bonim crimes and the truck's occupants admitted to both those crimes and the hit-and-run at the Turkey Hill. One big reason is that our camp has been owned and directed by the same family for 68 years. Every activity is staffed by instructors who have their skills verified and have received the training required to safely operate the activity. We do our best to accommodate campers with special dietary needs or food allergies. They tend to be expensive and fragile. Division directors meet with each of their campers several times during the day and keep close tabs on first-time campers. Winter Office: PO Box 189, Gladstone, New Jersey USA Tel. The coach buses are equipped with air conditioning, comfortable seats, and a restroom. No phone calls are made within the first ten days of the campers arrival into camp. All staff members receive training in behavior management during staff orientation. "Returning" campers take great pride in showing the ropes to the new campers and new campers acclimatize faster when they have the benefit of living with seasoned campers. 5:05 6:05 Activity Period for elective program participants (inters and seniors). Weve got the staff, the facilities, and the unique programming that guarantees the camper will experience success and FUN on a daily basis. 3:50 PM on Aug 27, 2021 CDT. Camp Lohikan has been owned and operated by the Buynak family since 1957. Amazing things happen when the child is having FUN in our supportive, caring environment. The camp policy regarding outgoing phone calls (campers calling home) is based upon the understanding that phone calls can be the most challenging form of contact for campers. The camp's administrators, though, took the incidents very seriously, he said. ADVENTURE PROGRAM: Survival Camp Clinic, High and Low Ropes Course, Rock Climbing (40 tower), Real Rock Climbing (42 on site), Rappelling, Hiking, Geocaching, Orienteering, Zip Line, High Ropes (i.e., Burmese Bridge), Giant Swing, Challenge Course (low ropes), Campouts, Spy Camp Clinic Every staff member is selected on the basis of his or her acceptability as a role model for children. Fun rainy-day programs are a favorite for many campers, e.g., Sing Down, Hollywood Scrabble, Horse Racing, Dancin with the Staff, and more. We are situated on a mountain top overlooking a private lake and miles of mountain vistas. Furthermore, electronic devices are restricted and will be confiscated if they are capable of: (1) taking or storing pictures and/or videos (privacy issues), (2) communicating via the internet, or (3) operating as a cell phone. Mark Buynak is uniquely qualified for the position of camp director having literally grown up in Camp Lohikan. Made some days harder than others. In addition, the camp is equipped with security cameras in certain areas. PERFORMING ARTS: Theatre - Acting Techniques, Movement, Song Delivery, Music, Dancing, Costuming, Make-up, Set Design and Construction, Lighting Design, Sound Engineering. Joining the camp managers in the operation of the camp are our senior staff members. In addition to the ACA accreditation, we are inspected annually by the Pennsylvania Health Department and the Department of Environmental Resources. In addition to distinguished program heads (e.g., Horseback Riding, Circus, Theater, Dance, Music, Rock Band, Swimming, Waterfront, Adventure, Survival Camp, Spy Camp, etc.) This is the Camp Lohikan company profile. E. Location of This Business. Bullying, thievery, drugs/alcohol, and disrespectful behavior are not tolerated. The health center is open 24 hours a day. At this size we have found that our camper population is large enough in each age group to support a full and varied camp program (especially team sports), yet small enough to ensure our personal involvement with each camper. Please contact the camp office. Friends who want to travel together are always accommodated! Spencer is accused of attempting to hit campers as he drove the Ford-350 pickup truck carrying the group. Special Events diversify the daily program with entertaining, fun events like: Olympics, Water Carnival, X-Games, Boating Regatta, Carnival Day, Summer Fest, Tribal Survival, Bragging Rights, Senior Beach Parties, Wayne County Fair, Dorney Park and more!/p>. immortals fenyx rising valley of eternal spring vault locations,
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