work on your short game. a higher loft) than the actual degree loft number shown on their club. They hit 52 gap wedges a stock carry distance of between 126 and 135 yards and carry 56 sand wedges an average distance of 119 to 124 yards. Maybe for one swing he got there. When we compare these stock yardages for irons between the pros we get a consistent view of yardage which we can accurately compare across the players. Foley was talking about him hitting 8-9* down when playing his stinger. I didnt start playing until i was 31 and it was over by 42 yet my handicap was 12. [color=#333333][size=3][background=rgb(229, 228, 226)]Launch Angle - 11*[/background][/size][/color] I also shot 86. [quote name='govols' timestamp='1364353617' post='6703853'] Web2/27/2012 Justin Rose COMBINE TEST 1 | TrackMan TEST INFO Date:2/27/2012 Name:Justin Rose DOB:7/30/1980 Hcp:+5 Mode:Outdoor Location:Lake Nona Temp:78 F Wind:0-5mph Notes: TOTAL SCORE Driver Statistics (avg.) Open navigation menu. I've had the privilege of playing with and watching tour players in person, so I know what they're capable of. The difference in a lot of longer amateurs and pros is control. I often feel articles such as this are skewed. Shaft: Aldila NV, 7-wood: Callaway Big Bertha Knowing tee shot distances and iron distances helps with that. Feel free toshare your thoughts and experience in the comment section below. When looking at how the AMA performs, lets start with the drive. The "you have to be a tour player to hit a long way" mentality is comical to say the least. But i attribute most of that to playing with a best friend who was a scratch golfer and showed me theres no need to take longer than 2 hours to play 18 holes. [url=""]http://www.rotaryswinch-monitor.php[/url] You could take my woods and irons and pair it with Phil's wedge play and Stricker's putter and I'd be an average PGA tour player. [quote name='markheardjr' timestamp='1364403013' post='6707345'] Someone will probably come in and explain what he should do to improve those numbers.. Callaway Paradyme Tensei 1K 70 But he picked up 25 yards for elevation, 25 for wind, and another 45 for extra roll. The title would be just as useful as well. I think the difference is practice, practice and more practice. Knowing what club to hit based on distance and the safest place to aim based on dispersion tendencies will undoubtedly benefit the golfer. Most golfers I know are happy to drive the ball 200 yards and keep it in the fairway. On average PGA pros hit a 3-iron a carry distance the distance from strike to point of ground impact of 217 yards. A Step by Step Guide, Acceleration Graph of Hips, Chest, Arms, and Clubhead in a Pro Golf Swing. The longest player hits it 320 yards <>stream I like to look at his averages on the tour seems to be more realistic data that is actually in play on tour. also his AoD on the stinger. Thanks for posting. Trackman is obviously simply a tool for fitting & in no way plays any part on your actual game. I still feel these are better players clubs for 15 handicappers or below as they are bladed heads which require you to deliver the club consistently and strike the centre of the face. All that strength comes from the lower body. Do you suppose my distance is bs? 4 -PW: Callaway Apex MB, KBS $ taper 130X, Wedges - Jaws raw 50, 54, 59 KBS $ taper 130x, Putter- Odyssey Vesa 12 center stroke lab shaft. My teachers are always trying to get me to change my swing to generate club head speed, but this consistently leaves me frustrated and physically sore. Despite the slight changes SM9 still looks very much like a Vokey should and thats what I like about these heads. You can watch my full review via the Golfalot YouTube channel here: If you like what you see, please make sure you SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel to see all Golfalot video reviews and features first. What Determines Driver Distance? [/quote] PGA, Executive Director, Golf House Kentucky | Kentucky Golf Foundation. Club head speed is around 90 MPH giving me a distance of 214 yrds. This is something Im finding out at a 14 handicap. I would have guessed #1 because of the "low spin" mantra, even though the launch is a touch low. Tee and Approach Shots! Does that make sense? Titleist 906F4 13.5* Fuji Rombax 8Z08 X Based on the Trackman, the fitter's recommendation was a 910 D3, 7.5 loft, and a Graphite Design Tour AD DI 8X. My full swing with a driver was anout ewual to an average guys 9 iron turn. Thats 95 extra yards, putting the actual distance of the drive under neutral conditions around 340 Before it is assumed that the AMA should simply club up, actual distances with each club should be determined. Add Driving Distance by Analyzing the Worlds Longest Driver! Youd be correct and that is why its always best to get fitted and discuss purchases with your pro. Dont be that person, as how your club interacts with the turf is more vital in wedges than with any other club. 712u 3 I seem to have the same speed as pro women and they are playing the same distances that I am but scoring way way lower with a game built from precision over speed. [/quote] Yes, typically very short drivers of the ball are better iron players or wedge players. While golf has given Justin a career he thoroughly enjoys, he knows the life lessons golf can provide. My problem is the amount of power i have and need to work on half wings. also his AoD on the stinger. If I slow it down some and shoot for 280-290, I hit more fairways. Shaft: Aldila NV, Irons: Cobra Amp Forged (4-PW) That's what I think. Trackman is obviously simply a tool for fitting & in no way plays any part on your actual game. Is the dispersion linear, eg at 176 yards is it the same proportion at 88 feet or more? Tiger Woods Trackman numbers, I thought they were posted on here at one time from an event. I'd really like to see Tiger's path and face numbers too among others especially seeing how far left he aims at times. Ive played four rounds since reading this, and shot 81, 83, 79, and 78. They think that a drives are always over 320, which they are not not even close. Titleist 712 CB 4-9, MB PW KBS Tour (HS1X) Some of us didn't have the means or access to learn and play a lot of golf when we were Teeball aged. Am I as good as tour pro? Length is nothing. Carry Distance 302.9 I figured that out years ago based on hole distance and yardage to the flag after my tee shot. Shaft: Fujikura Atmos Tour Spec Blue 7 X, 3-wood: Callaway Rogue ST Max (15 degrees) What I find funny is the number of people on here that think it's ridiculous that an amateur golfer claims to have similar numbers to a professional. It takes a detailed plan and it takes time, and this is why I think the improvement of AMAs isnt as impressive as it could be. Thats 95 extra yards, putting the actual distance of the drive under neutral conditions around 340-345. That smash factor surprises me a bit. Mine isnt that much higher and i hit driver 275 yards. [/quote] Try a par 3 course (18 holes) of any length and compare your results to your handicap. Pro Modus 3 Tour 105 S, Wedges: Callaway Jaws (54-10S, 58-10S), Titleist Vokey Design SM6 (62-08M) Progressive Centre of Gravity - Maintaining the lower CG in the stronger lofts, while raising CG even further in the more lofted clubs. Ball Speed- 176.38 average, 179.45 high To make such large scale improvements, we must first better understand the patientin order to diagnose the problems. me too! The questions you ask are great questions, but unfortunately that data is not readily available. FULL GUIDE By Age, Handicap etc. However don't be overwhelmed, the good news is that there is only one set up choice in the PW, two in the GW and multiple in SW and LW due to the wider range of shorter shots you play with these clubs. RJ, What was the actual value of swing speed group 115 mph+, since it shows 0%. Here are Tiger's averages for this season on shots that were measured: Do you have Average Female Amature driver swing speed? How Far Should I Hit My Hybrids? 8.5* Tour Issue 07 Burner // PL Red 65x When you take the wedge out of the bag you notice the fuller toe, and there is more material behind the head. And as it is highly unlikely even the best pros in the world never want to hit their driver as far as they can so it is clearly the club we are going to get the best idea of the maximum distance they hit the ball. They must get club speed confused with ball speed, Cough Some people may exaggerate slightly , Hi My ball speed is with driver 195 km/h AND 160 km/h with a 6 iron Schaft = rgular or ???? Spin- 2645, 1948 low, 3745 high Thomas breakout season came in 2016-17 with five of his PGA TOUR wins, including the PGA Championship, 12 top 10 finishes and, ultimately, the FedEx Championship. The attention to detail from Bob Vokey is extraordinary and you can feel the change in strike as you try many different heads. Now that you guys have more and more data from the combine tests are you going to adjust the hcap chart. I, and many amateur golfers I play with on a regular basis, have the ability to hit the ball a long way. In 2019, he launched the Justin Thomas Foundation, aimed to help military families, junior golf and children in need. 915 FD 3-irons average 217 yds, 4-irons 208 yds, 5-irons 199 yds, 6-irons 188 yds, 7-irons 177 yds, 8-irons 164 yds and 9-irons 153 yds. Just ask Corey Pavin, Mark Wilson, Mike Weir, Fred Funk. [b]XHP 3-Deep (13)- 7.3X @ 43.5 My average distance was 235-245. This site is owned and operated by Add That Little Extra Limited, a private limited company whose registered office is in London, UK. I have a terrible slice that knocks A LOT of yards off of my drive. Couldn't of said it any better myself. Imagine throwing darts as the commentary teams say on television. I think you wish you hit it further. To fix that we changed to the new wedge with fresh grooves and made it a degree flatter to straighten my flight up. Or the public course in Lenoir, NC? While it would be easy to quietly continue his good deeds, the time is right to establish a foundation that can partner with others to positively impact countless philanthropic organizations and communities, and deliver even more good in the world. yfvp ~ AnFVS0Y")Mb@3PNm[GVI=! The AMA has an average club speed of 93.4 mph and an average total distance of 214 yards. But the guys with a great wedge and not great length still hack it on tour because they have what matters. Trackman is pretty interesting, obviously path and angle of attack change depending on the shot your trying to shape. Do you suppose my distance is bs? I play from the whites if it is more of a difficult or bigger course. WebThis is Justin Thomas TrackMan Numbers How does yours Compare? Smash Factor 1.475 In the lower lofted wedges (46-52) at address the club sits squarer, the leading edge looks to be straighter and less rounded at the top of the toe. It makes the head look a little rounder, but Vokey has done a great job of disguising this weight distribution at address. X-Forged UT (#3- 21)- DG X700 Justin came from 7 strokes back to start the final round at the 2022 PGA Championship which ties the largest final round comeback in PGA Championship history. If golfers are to continue playing the same length tees, then optimizing their driver distance is going to be key to enhancing their performance. Smash Factor 1.475 SM5 53, 59 [/quote] Theyre familiar and consistent, you wont see Bob Vokey ever designing a wedge with a high toe or full face of grooves. 2023 Arnold Palmer Invitational - Discussion and Links to Photos, 2023 The Honda Classic - Discussion and Links to photos, 2023 Genesis Invitational - Discussion and Links to photos, 2023 Waste Management Phoenix Open - Discussion and Links to Photos, 2023 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am - Discussion and Links to all photos, 2023 HSBC Women's World Championship (Mar 02 - 05), Byron Morgan best for your balls DH89 & the elusive DBCM 8802, TWO PUTTERS - ONE POST. This instant gratification can be achieved through the 30-45 minute TrackMan Combine process! Launch- 11.28, 9.71 low, 12.87 high It's the short game. Spin- 2645, 1948 low, 3745 high Trackman stats obviously don't mean that much either. The difference in a good amateur player and a touring professional is typically going to be short game, endurance, and that space between the ears. [color=#333333][size=3][background=rgb(229, 228, 226)]Ratio - 1.48[/background][/size][/color] I can hit the ball a long ways, that doesn't make me full of bs. I guess if you don't play with guys that are good, it's understandable. Shaft: Fujikura Ventus TR Blue 7 X, 5-wood: TaylorMade Stealth 2 Plus Graeme started playing golf when he was only 4 years old and has loved the game ever since. [quote name='jeffrey08250' timestamp='1364360280' post='6704435'] At just 29-years old, he can lay claim to 2 Major victories, a FedEx Cup Championship, PLAYERS Championship and a PGA TOUR Player of the Year Award. I'll pass. My experience suggests that this is true. I think you wish you hit it further. I played Monday and hit my 1st 3 drives over 300 and in the fairway. Im wondering if there are outliers here?. They are clean and contemporary. Hamish777, March 26, 2013 in WRX Club Techs. And that is for the simple reason that pros will hit all manner of a variety of different shots with their irons, especially for their approach shots, and as such, they will hit the same iron a variety of different distances. This gap is the highest one Titleist advise in custom fitting, they like to see only 4 degrees between clubs which unfortunately means you are buying 3 wedges and paying an additional 169. FYI I hit my drive 240-250 he often hits is way past me from the whites. While the length of the course is an important factor in scoring, more so is the challenging greens and required approach shots. I bet a lot of my tee shots find the rough though. I think you wish you hit it further. Although there is a slow trend towards improvement, many in the golf industry wonder why progress has not been faster. [quote name='J.W.' In other words the distance from where they hit the ball to the point of impact on the ground. Greater distancethe eternal quest for golfers. Exactly, I had the same perception in mind too. It's the short game. [/color] WebJustin Thomas TrackMan Numbers Congratulations to Justin Thomas with his latest victory at the Dell Technologies Championship, well played! You dont need to be depressed your swing speed is high enough to play very good golf. I play off 8 at a championship course 7200 yards in the UK. I cant hide my excitement and love for a Vokey wedge and it doesnt change on these. Mizumo T22 Blue 54 58 S400 TI Apex Height 112' 11" Almost every post I read on the internet the guys say they are swinging 125 mph. A former tour pro told me he hit a tree branch off the tee that knocked his ball down, and it affected his average for the whole year by 15 yards. I'm BARELY 250 off the tee, but I will mop the floor with most from 125 in Hang Time 5.8 I dont want my Vokeys to look different to the past designs, I barely want them to perform differently either as you want reliability around the greens. Please have a look at this video about Smash Factor. But if you can hit it 275 on your home muni track, that is at least 290 on a tour track with manicured fairways and perfect level tee boxes to hit from. The AMA has an average club speed of 93.4 mph and an average total distance of 214 yards.